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About me.....

My name is Shannon and I am the creator of Sweet Whimsy. I was born in South Africa. My family left South Africa when I was 16 and I have since lived in England and Australia and I have traveled around several more countries. I now live just outside Barcelona with my Catalan husband Xavier, and my three young children, Emmeline, Ahren and Sienna who are my inspiration!!

All Sweet Whimsy Dolly's and Teddy Bears are made from quality materials, wool felt and cotton. Their facial details are all hand sewn or hand painted with great care and detail. All the teddy bears can be personalized as you choose. You can choose colors, prints, material types etc or you can choose one of the dolls as shown. Each item is made with care and with love. As each item is hand made they are totally unique and each will have their own little quirk.


If there is a character that you would like me to create that you do not see here or you have a specific request, please feel free to contact me

About Sweet Whimsy .....

Each Dolly and teddy bear will require lots of cuddles and kisses every day. They will also need to be treated gently. They are all great listeners and like to hear all your little ones stories. When they go to bed, they can take their new friends with as they will help them to have sweet dreams. If you plan on going on an adventure, please take your little dolly or teddy bear with as they LOVE adventures!!! They are also great secret keepers!


They will be your little one’s best friend and each little dolly and teddy bear will love them very much.


Your little dolly or teddy bear can be put in the wash if absolutely necessary, but they would prefer it if you washed them with a nice soft cloth and some warm water

How to care for your Sweet Whimsy .....

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